Founded in 1994, Marukin is one of Tokyo's most distinct and popular names in ramen. With over 20+ years of experience and nine locations in Japan, Marukin brings their first stateside locations to Portland, Oregon. Marukin specializes in handmade noodles, signature Japanese dishes, and locally sourced ingredients. Chef Mayumi Hijikata brings her skills, experience, and love to Portland. 

Chef Mayumi is a classically trained Japanese chef  who spent her years perfecting her skills in the world's ramen capital, Japan. Each bowl has been developed by her, using specific tastes, cuts, and textures that allow each bowl to blossom to its best.

Read on below to learn more about our ramen, and visit our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.


About our Ramen

We offer a rotating menu of different bowls at each location. 

Tonkotsu Shoyu: This is our classic, available at both locations every day. The handmade, pork bone broth is based on the Hakata style (from Kyushu); it is slow-cooked, with a rich texture but not heavily laden with oils. It is also available in a spicy Red option.

Paitan: This is Japan's answer to cream of chicken soup. This milky, chicken-based broth is creamy and comforting. This is one of our staff favorites and is also available in a spicy Red option.

Tonyu: A lighter bodied, creamy option with a more delicate mouth feel. It's slightly sweet and this is the bowl you want when you're craving some lighter fare. This happens to be one of our Vegan options made from non-GMO soy milk locally sourced from Ota Tofu, Offered in our spicy Red.

Tokyo Shoyu: Inspired by the most popular ramen style in Tokyo, based with soy sauce. Clear broth, and light on the palate, with a full flavor profile thanks to the combination of chicken and pork.

Vegan Shoyu: Tokyo comes to Portland. This was developed by Chef Mayumi specifically for our Portland vegan friends. She used a variety of mushrooms and vegetables to create a full bodied broth packed with umami flavors. Each vegan bowl is topped with vegetables to provide a hearty, complex meal. This bowl is also available in a spicy Red option.

Miso: Thanks to fermented soybeans (aka Miso), this broth is a departure from our other offerings. Handmade in small batches using a 1,300 year old recipe, this Miso adds a savory, full-bodied depth to the broth. It's dressed a little differently than our other ramen options and is truly an experience. 

Hiyashi: This is our cold ramen option offered only in the summer. This year, Chef Mayumi developed a vegan broth as the base for all of our cold bowls. It's dressed with house made pickled cabbage, abura a-ge fried tofu, spicy mushrooms and crisp snap peas. Available with shrimp and Marukin's shichimi chili. 




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