Here's where some of our most frequently asked questions live. If you have any that aren't on this list, please feel free to reach out to us on social media or giving us a call.


Do you offer Vegan or vegetarian options?

Heck yes we do! We offer at least two vegan ramen options every day. Also, our selection of Japanese beers, sakes, and whiskeys are also vegan. 

Can you accommodate food allergies? (Shellfish & gluten)

Our kitchens are not certified as allergen free, so for your safety, we suggest some other restaurants that may have some options for you:

If you're at Pine Street Market, there are a variety of restaurants including Kure, Kim Jong Grillin', Trifecta Annex, and more!

If you're at our Ankeny location, we suggest our next door neighbor, Nong's Khao Man Gai. 

Do you Offer takeout?

Yes, for some items only. We don't offer takeout for our hot ramen, because we wanted to keep the integrity of the noodles as it'd be in our restaurants. We do however, offer takeout for our other menu items, such as fried chicken (karaage), curry rice (donburi), and dumplings (gyoza), and more!

Do you take reservations?

Our restaurants are counter service, so we don't take reservations. Dining tends to be casual and relaxed at our locations, but we find that even on our busiest days, it's easy to find a seat for you and your party.

Do you offer gift cards?

Wow, you're a good friend! Yes, we do.  They are available for purchase at either of our Marukin locations.

Can you guys send me on a trip to tokyo?

Nice try buddy. But if you do manage to swim there, say hi and have a beer with Masa Marukin for us!

Can you customize my bowl of ramen?

Each bowl of ramen is carefully developed by our Head Chef Mayumi to be eaten together. You can choose to subtract toppings or include additional toppings from our menu, but the bowl's base price will always stay the same.

Do you add msg to your ramen?

We do not add MSG to any of our products, because we think they are tasty just as they are! 

However, MSG occurs naturally in many foods like cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, and peas! It's responsible for umami (sometimes referred to as the "fifth taste"). 

Here's a good resource if you want to learn more.

why isn't my favorite bowl being served today?

Actually it is! Our whole menu is available every day, but we alternate bowls between our Pine Street Market and Ankeny locations. Our best sellers, Tonkotsu Shoyu and Tonkotsu Red are available at both locations, every day.